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- carbon and construction cast steels

carbon, carbon manganese steel castings.
alloys A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 (standard BS 3100).
GS 38, GS 45, GS 52, GS 60, GS 70 (DIN 1685),
GP 240GH (EN 10213), GS 20Mn5 (EN 10213-3),
GS 42CrMo4, GS 25CrMo4, GS 30Mn5 (DIN 17205),
GS 16MnCr5 (DIN 17182),
GS 30CrMo4 (TGL 14395),

standard EN 10293:2006 - Steel castings for general engineering uses
GE200 - 1.0420, GS200 - 1.0449 , GE240 - 1.0446 , GS240 - 1.0455 , GE300 - 1.0558 ,
G17Mn5 - 1.1131 , G20Mn5 - 1.6220 , G24Mn6 - 1.1118 , G28Mn6 - 1.1165 , G20Mo5 - 1.5419 ,
G10MnMoV6-3 - 1.5410 , G15CrMoV6-9 - 1.7710 , G17CrMo5-5 - 1.7357 , G17CrMo9-10 - 1.7379 ,
G26CrMo4 - 1.7221 , G34CrMo4 - 1.7230 , G42CrMo4 - 1.7231 ,
G30CrMoV6-4 - 1.7725 , G35CrNiMo6-6 - 1.6579 ,
G9Ni14 - 1.5638 , GX9Ni5 - 1.5681 , G20NiMoCr4 - 1.6750 ,
G32NiCrMo8-5-4 - 1.6570, G17NiCrMo13-6 - 1.6781, G30NiCrMo14 - 1.6771 ,
GX3CrNi13-4 - 1.6982 , GX4CrNi13-4 - 1.4317 , GX4CrNi16-4 - 1.4421 ,
GX4CrNiMo16-5-1 - 1.4405, GX23CrMoV12-1 - 1.4931,

cast steels for use at low temperatures
low alloy steel castings.
AL1, AL2, AL3, BL2 (standard BS3100),
AM1, AM2, AW1, AW2, AW3 (standard BS 3100),

- stainless cast steels

1.4031 (X38Cr13), 1.4301 (X5CrNi1810) DIN 17440
1.4308 (G-X6CrNi18 9), 1.4313 (G-X5CrNi 13 4) DIN 17445
1.4340 (G-X40CrNi27 4) SEW410
1.4408(G-X6CrNiMo18 10), 1.4410(G-X10CrNiMo 18 9), 1.4853 (X10CrNiMoNb 18 12) DIN 17445
1.4542 (X5CrNiCuNb17 4) DIN 17440
1.4729 (G-X40CrSi13) DIN 17465
G43200 AISI 4320
SS-stal 2343-12 SS 142343
1.4136S / GX50CrMo29 2 , 1.4136 / GX70CrMo29 2,
AISI 316, 304, 316L, 304L,
UNS S 31813, DIN 1.4462, CA6NM - 1.4313, CK3 MCuN-J93254, 50Cr/50Ni,
acc. to British Standard BS 3100 : 410C21, 420C29, 420C28, 425C12, 425C11, 302C25,
304C12, 304C12 LT 196, 304C15, 304C15 LT 196, 347C17,
316C12, 316C12 LT 196, 316C16, 316C16 LT 196,
(grades with a suffix 'LT 196' are intended for low temperature applications
and are required to pass a Charpy impact test at -196°C by the standard)
317C16, 318C17, 332C11, 332C13, 332C15, 420C24, 452C11, 452C12,
302C35, 309C30, 309C40, 310C45, 311C11, 330C12, 331C60,
334C11, 309C32, 309C35, 310C40, 330C11, 331C40 acc. to BS3100
1.4125, 1.4112, X90CrMoV18, 95X18, AISI 440C, X105CrMo17, H18

A744/A744M Standard Specification for Castings, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for Severe Service
CF8 (J92600) 19% Chromium, 9% Nickel
CF8M (J92900) 19 Chromium, 10 Nickel with Molybdenum
CF8C (J92710) 19 Chromium, 10 Nickel, with Columbium
CF3 (J92500) 19 Chromium, 9 Nickel
CF3M (J92800) 19 Chromium, 10 Nickel with Molybdenum
CG3M (J92999) 19% Chromium, 11 Nickel, with Molybdenum
CG8M (J93000) 19 Chromium, 11 Nickel, with Molybdenum
CN7M (N08007) 20 Chromium, 29 Nickel, with Copper and Molybdenum
CN7MS (J94650) 19 Chromium, 24 Nickel, with Copper and Molybdenum
CN3MN (J94651) 21 Chromium, 24 Nickel with Molybdenum and Nitrogen
CK3MCuN (J93254) 20% Chromium, 18 Nickel with Molybdenum and Copper
CN3MCu (J80020) 20 Chromium, 29 Nickel, with Copper and Molybdenum
A743/A743M Specification for Castings, Iron-Chromium, Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Corrosion Resistant, for General Application

- heat resistant cast steels and creep resistant steels

1.4848 (G-X40CrNiSi25-20) DIN 17465
1.4859 (GX 10NiCrNb 32 20) DIN 17465
1.4506 (X5NiCrMoCuTi 20 18) SEW400
1.4857 (X5CrNiMoNb 25 25) DIN 8556
alloys for use with High Temperatures
according to standard BS 3100 / BS3100 / BS3100:1991 :
420C24, 452C11, 452C12, 302C35,
309C30, 309C40, 310C45, 311C11,
330C12, 331C60, 334C11, 309C32,
309C35, 310C40, 330C11, 331C40,
astm :
grade HF = 19% Chromium, 9% Nickel,
HH = 25% Chromium, 12% Nickel,
HI = 28% Chromium, 15% Nickel,
HK = 25% Chromium, 20% Nickel,
HE = 29% Chromium, 9% Nickel,
HT = 15% Chromium, 35% Nickel,
HU = 19% Chromium, 39% Nickel,
HW = 12% Chromium, 60% Nickel,
HX = 17% Chromium, 66% Nickel,
HC = 28% Chromium 4% Nickel,
HD = 28% Chromium, 5% Nickel,
HL = 29% Chromium, 20% Nickel,
HN = 20% Chromium, 25% Nickel,
grade HP = 26% Chromium, 35% Nickel,
HG10MnN = 19% Chromium, 12% Nickel, 4% Manganese / 19Cr-12Ni-4Mn, J92604, Cast Stainless Steel,
ASTM Standards :
A297 / A297M – Standard Specification for Steel Castings, Iron-Chromium and Iron-Chromium-Nickel, Heat Resistant, for General Application, A297/A297M,
A217 / A217M Specification for Steel Castings, Martensitic Stainless and Alloy, for Pressure-Containing Parts, Suitable for High-Temperature Service
A351 / A351M Specification for Castings, Austenitic, for Pressure-Containing Parts
A370 Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products
A447 / A447M Specification for Steel Castings, Chromium-Nickel-Iron Alloy (25-12 Class), for High-Temperature Service
A781 / A781M Specification for Castings, Steel and Alloy, Common Requirements, for General Industrial Use
A957 Specification for Investment Castings, Steel and Alloy, Common Requirements, for General Industrial Use
A216 / A216M Specification for Steel Castings, Carbon, Suitable for Fusion Welding, for High-Temperature Service
A352 / A352M Specification for Steel Castings, Ferritic and Martensitic, for Pressure-Containing Parts, Suitable for Low-Temperature Service
A487 / A487M Specification for Steel Castings Suitable for Pressure Service
A488 / A488M Practice for Steel Castings, Welding, Qualifications of Procedures and Personnel
A703 / A703M Specification for Steel Castings, General Requirements, for Pressure-Containing Parts
A802 / A802M Practice for Steel Castings, Surface Acceptance Standards, Visual Examination
A985 / A985M Specification for Steel Investment Castings General Requirements, for Pressure-Containing Parts
E165 Practice for Liquid Penetrant Examination for General Industry
E709 Guide for Magnetic Particle Testing

- abrasion proof cast steels, weldable and non-weldable

L210H21NM, L210H21, L210H21S (PN-90/H-83161)
L20HGSNM, L30HGSM, wear resistant cast steels
- high manganese steels, Hadfield
Mn13, Mn19, Mn21,
DIN 1.3401, GX120Mn12, G-X120Mn13, 1.3802, X120Mn12,
GS-50CrMo4 - 1.7228, G-X120MnCr13 2

BS - British Standard Specifications - Steel Castings produced to BS standards:

BS3100 Steel castings for general engineering purposes.
BS1504 Steel castings for pressure service.

BS3100 Carbon Steel A1, A2, A3
BS3100 Carbon Manganese Steel A4, A5, A6
BS3100 Carbon Steel - high magnetic permeability AM1, AM2
BS3100 Carbon Steel - for surface hardening AW2, AW3
BS3100 Carbon Steel - for case hardening AW1
BS3100 Carbon Steel - for low temperature use AL1, AL2, AL3
BS3100 Low Alloy Steel - for low temperature use BL2
BS3100 Cr and CrMo Steel for elevated temperature use B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7,
BS3100 Low Alloy Steel - higher tensile BT1, BT2, BT3
BS3100 Low Alloy Steel - abrasion resistance BW2, BW3, BW4,
BS3100 Cr and CrNi for corrosion resistance 410C21, 420C28, 420C29 425C12, 425C11,
BS3100 Austenitic Cr/Ni for corrosion resistance 302C25, 304C12, 304C15, 347C17,
BS3100 Austenitic Cr/Ni/Mo for corrosion resistance 316C12, 316C16, 317C16, 318C17,
BS3100 High Ni Cr for corrosion resistance 332C11, 332C13, 332C15
BS3100 High Alloy Steels for use at high temperatures.
420C24, 452C11, 452C12, 302C35, 309C30, 309C40, 310C45, 311C11, 330C12,
331C60, 334C11, 309C32, 309C35, 310C40, 330C11, 331C40,

- other cast steel alloys on request

COBALT CASTINGS Cobalt Foundry. SAE UMCO-51. UMCo50, 2.4778
TITAN CASTINGS e.g. alloy 3.7031 according to DIN 17865
e.g.NiCr28W and pure nickel castings e.g. grade 2.4060 / nickel NP2 according to Russian standard GOST

are moulded on moulding machines in boxes 30x40,40x50,50x60cm,40x70cm,80x80cm,80x100 & 100x100cm (weight up to 150 kg) or manually (weight mainly up to 700 kg;
length up to 300 cm; on special request for lower quantities up to 3000 kg)
- in dry sand or in self-hardening masses,
- in no-bake phenol resin sand, in alphaset process.
- lost wax castings

- nodular iron (also called spheroidal graphite iron, SG-iron or ductile iron)
grades: EN-GJS-400-15, EN-GJS-500-7, GJS-600-3, GJS 700-2, GJS-400-18-LT, GJS-400-18-RT (GGG40.3) according to EN 1563 from medium frequency induction furnace,
- grey iron (EN-GJL-150, GJL 200, gray EN-GJL-250 according to EN 1561) from medium frequency induction furnace or cupola furnace
- austenitic cast iron e.g. Ni-Resist
- other iron alloys on request GJS - SiMo, ADI , nihard irons
are moulded on moulding machines in boxes 30x40,40x50,50x60cm,40x70cm,80x80cm,80x100 & 100x100cm
(weight up to 150 kg) or manually (weight mainly up to 700 kg; length up to 300 cm; on special request up to 3000 kg)
- in furan resin bonded sand ( CT8-CT12 according to ISO 8062).
- in green sand ( CT12-CT14 according to ISO 8062)
- in dry sand or in self-hardening masses,
- in oiled red sand

- as sand castings (machine or hand moulded)
- as centrifugal bushings,rings and sleeves up to 1000 mm diameter and up to 1000 mm long
- as lost-wax investment castings - mainly art castings
from our fine art foundry department: sculptures,
statues,monuments,objects of art,busts,figurines,statuettes
(animals,women,nudes,ancient art),
reliefs,decorative panels,medals,business souvenirs,
crosses and other devotional items, also
resin sculptures with bronze dust on request
https://sobowidz-foundry.tripod.com/art_castings_kunstguss/ ( 47 photos on 4 pages)
such cast bronze alloys as
BS 1400: LG1, LG2 (Gun Metal), PB1, G1, LB2, AB1, AB2, G3, LG4, CT1, CT2,
PB4, PB2, LPB1, LB1, LB4, LB5
SAE 660,
ISO CuSn10, CuSn10P, CuSn10Zn2,
CuSn10Pb10, CuSn8Pb15Ni, CuSn5Pb20, CuSn5Pb25,
CuSn4Zn7Pb6, CuSn5Zn5Pb5, CuSn4Zn4Pb17,
CuAl9Fe3, CuAl10Fe3Mn2, CuAl10Fe4Ni4, CuAl10Fe5Ni5, CC333G,
ASTM B148 C95800,
CuSn12Ni2-C Din3996:2005
and other bronze alloys on request
unit weight mainly up to 500 kg and length up to 300 cm;
on special request up to 3000 kg)

(AlSi12, AlSi12Fe, AlSi12Cu, AlSi12CuFe, AlSi5Cu3Mg
AlSi10Mg, AlSi60Cu4, AlSi132, alloys according to
SAE e.g. A380 or ASTM or BS e.g.LM6, LM20, LM25, LM21, LM4,
LM16, LM10 and other alu alloys on request) are made
- on cold-chamber high pressure die casting machines (weight 0,05-5,0 kg),
- in gravity dies / chills (up to 50 kg open manually or by gravity die machines)
- in sand (up to 250 kg;up to 250 cm long; on special request up to 600 kg).

- on cold-chamber die casting machines
- in permanent moulds
- in sand.
Also centrifugal castings and lost-wax investment castings (art castings too - brass statues)
e.g.such cast brass alloys as
BS1400: DCB3, DCB1, HTB1, HTB3, SCB1, SCB3, SCB4, SCB6, PCB1
ISO CuZn40, CuZn40Pb, CuZn39Pb2, CuZn38Pb2,
CuZn25Pb3Sn2, CuZn33Pb2, CuZn36Sn,
CuZn15As, CuZn34Pb2AlAs,
CuZn35AlFeMn, CuZn28Al5FeMn, CuZn38Al2Mn1Fe, CuZn34Al
CuZn43Mn4Pb3Fe, CuZn37Mn4Fe1Sn1, CuZn40Mn3Fe1,
CuZn38Mn2Pb2, CuZn16Si3,5
and other cast brass alloys on request
weight mainly up to 500 kg and length up to 300 cm;
on special request up to 2500 kg)

Additionally available: ZINC (Zn99,5%, ZnAl4 known as ZP3 / Zamak 3 or AG40A and ZnAl4Cu1 known as ZP5 / Zamak 5 or AG41A), LEAD (mainly up to 3000 kg).

We give inspection certifications 3.1 (EN 10204,DIN 50049,chemical composition of cast,strength tests,hardness,elongation)

Casting cores are made with use of carbon dioxide, resins (Cold box amina) or Hot Box.
Steel shot blasting, glass or sand blasting.
Painting works (spray & dip painting, powder coating) and special coatings (Zn,Cr,Ni,Cd).
Heat treatment: T4, T5, T6, T7, +QT quenching & tempering, +N normalizing, +NT, +T; hardening, tempering;
annealing (normalizing, stress relieving / recovery / process anealing, full anealing, softening, spheroidising),
precipitation hardening, martempering, austempering, T6 for aluminium castings;
Castings patterns are made of wood, resins or aluminium.
Production of gravity dies and high pressure dies.
Machining & welding.Assembly. Constructions.

- automotive (brackets, intercoolers, housings, steps for trucks, gearboxes, turbocharger housings),
- lighting (lampposts,housings,brackets),
- marine,offshore,shipbuilding & yacht building (propellers, heads, liners, pistons, exhausts, intake manifolds for engines, Wire sheaves, wire rope sheaves, ballasts, keels & bulbs, counterweights, anodes, container corner fittings, lashing eyes),
- machine building (housings, gearboxes, shafts, bars, thickwalled tubes, sleeves, bushings, flywheels, flat bars,round bars, compressor parts),
- building engineering (drillheads for foundation poles, castings for lifts/elevators; excavator and loader spare parts: excavator teeth loader bucket teeth; concrete mixing plant spare parts: blades, lining, spokes ; paving plant spare parts: blades, blade grips),
- public works (bridge railings,river balustrades, road barriers)
- mining (mine spare parts: runners, road and gear wheels, brake blocks; abrasion resistant buckets; spare parts for jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and hammer crushers: brake lining, lateral wedges, bearing ribs,hammers, crusher lining, bronze liners, cast iron liners, plastics liners fuse and strut plates),
- railway engineering (e.g.couplings, brake inserts),
- power industry (heat resistant grate bars for biomass boilers, grate bars for incineration plants, grate bars for sintering furnaces, dust elbows),
- for pulp and paper industry
- agriculture machines (e.g.wheels, gearboxes, housings, bushings, covers, counterweights, packer wheels, Cambridge rollers, Crosskill rollers, Campbell rollers; Niemeyer Wendepacker d 900 mm,Lemken etc.),
- industrial fittings & pumps,pipe fittings,valves, pipe couplings,pipe clamps,water sewage systems, manhole covers,manhole stairs,gully grates (standard EN-124), watermeter bodies,compressors,
- windpower-plants (covers, housings, parts of transmission sectors: main-bearing houses, rotorshafts, gearbox supports)
- furniture (furniture fittings and costruction fittings,door handles),

More than 40% of our production is exported to other European countries, North America, Middle East, Japan and Australia. For all customers in European countries which belong to EEC, EFTA or CEFTA we sell all our products as V.A.T.-free (VAT 0%). Since 1997 export promotion of SOBOWIDZ has been co-financed from the European Union funds within PHARE Programme. Within coming 2 years our company is going to get Quality System Certificate for the Standard ISO 9002:2000.

Village Sobowidz (Sobbowitz) is situated 30 km to the south of Gdansk
(1000 year city and Baltic Sea harbour in northern Poland).
Geographical position GPS: 18°35'58.20" E & 54°08'44.68" N
Everyday direct connections by Lot, SAS, Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Ryanair from international Gdansk airport
to such cities as Warsaw, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stockholm, London
http://www.airport.gdansk.pl Our export office is situated only 5 km from the airport. GPS: 18°33'59.47" E & 54°22'34.59" N.
Everyday ferries between Gdynia & Karlskrona (Sweden) and between Gdansk & Nynashamn (near Stockholm).

We speak English (preffered) and German.
Delivery time: from 1 day up to 6 weeks for full container loads
depending on type of products
Delivery terms (Incoterms 2011): EXW, FOB, DAP or others.
We can offer our customers competitive freight to every place in the world.

Please send inquiries and proposals of appointment by fax or e-mail.
Technical drawings by e-mail please send as files .dwg, .dxf (drawings with dimensions),
.stp, .stl (3D drawings),
.jpg, .pdf, .igs or .tiff (photos & drawings).
.doc (texts).
We help to choose the best alloy for customer's casting, please describe enviroment of work for casting (forces, temperature, pressure...).

Well written inquiry helps us to give you quicker quotation. Perfect if your RFQ includes:
- drawing with all or at least overall dimensions or photos of old product,
- quantity,
- choosen metal / alloy,
- unit weight (kg or lbs) or volume of casting (cm3),
- info about finish of castings,
- info about patterns/tools/dies (ready to rent or new to quote and make).

We invite to co-operation! Try our prices and quality.

To contact us:

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Verschleissfestes Stahlguss,

Grosse Sandgussteile in Aluminium, Sandguss, Grossguss,

bearbeiteter guss, guss mit bearbeitung, cnc mechanische bearbeitung,

CNC Gussbearbeitung - Polen. مسبك . Poland.

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