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SOBOWIDZ (SOBBOVITZ) founded in 1983 is a manufacturer of ornamental
and engineering castings (iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, cast steel, zinc, lead, steel
and aluminium constructions, wrought iron products and wooden goods.

Our collection includes garden, street, cafe & home lights (posts, brackets, electric or gas lanterns, led lights),
and furniture (chairs, armchairs, tables, stools, benches, bars, deck chairs, beds etc.;
also in folding and stackable versions; table tops and sittings made of: solid wood, plywood, casted metal, metal sheet, plastic, wicker, upholstery, stone or glass), furniture accesorries (hinges, door handles, knobs etc.), unique and popular designs
of Tiffany stained glass lamps with bronze and brass bases, industrial and residential fencing, balustrades, balusters, finials, door and window grates, ornamental window frames, fountains, hand pumps, vases, mail boxes, sun-dials, gazebos, weather vanes, bollards, litter bins, fire-places and its accessories, stoves, classical cast iron radiators, street clocks, tree protecting grids, sculptures, objects of art, reliefs, letters & numbers and other products for street, garden and interiors.

CLASSICAL & MODERN DESIGNS ! Over 1.000 basic designs and over 10.000 items excluding various versions of finish and colours !!!

Under normal conditions of use our cast iron products have a life in excess of 100 years! Our company will replace any SOBOWIDZ cast iron product which suffers
structural failure under reasonable circumstances of wear or tear within this time limit. Besides that all our metal products are 100% recyclable.

TEL. 0048-58-3477794, 0048-602-390062 (in English),
0048-601-912578 (in Deutsch)

We invite to co-operation!

About our engineering castings at: in English in Deutsch